Sad demise of Hazrat Sayyad Shahid Hasni Noori

On 21st Rajab 1440 Hijri (29 March/2019), a shocking news regarding the death of Hazrat Sayyad Shahid Razvi (May Allah be please with him) has passed a wave of deep grief among his hundred thousands of the followers across the country & centers of Qadri Razvi Barkati sufi order all over the world. I was on my visit to the holy city of Madinah Muwwara when this devastating news received to me close to the dawn prayers. It was indeed a moment of great grief. An Islamic scholar, Grand Mufti of Rampur & spiritual successor of Hazrat Mufti Azam Hind Mustafa Raza Khan (Aleh Rahma), he was one of the distinguished star of Noori Barkati Qadri order in India. In the modern era of 21st century as a spiritual guide his life reflects true sense of austerity, a core attribute of Sufism. He was born on 25th November 1952 at Malik Nagli District Rampur. His father Sayyad Saifullah Shah Hasni was among the descendants of great Sufi of Rampur, Hazrat Sayyad Sabbir Shah Hasni (Aleh rahma). Completing his memorization of Quran & initial teachings of Islam, he was admitted to Furqania School of Islamic teachings at Meston Ganj, Rampur in 1970 for higher education in Islamic studies. In 1974, he passed the examination of Fazile Dinyaat conducted by Allahabad board. In year 1980, he became a spiritual follower (Mureed) of Hazrat Mufti Azam Hind Mustafa Raza Khan (Aleh Rahma) & hardly a year after; he was blessed by him with permission of spiritual succession (Khilafaa). In addition he received the permission for Hadith from various distinguished scholars of Hadith such as Hazrat Allama Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan (Aleh Rahma), Hazart Mufti Jahangri (Aleh Rahma), & Maulana Tahseen Raza Khan Qadri Razvi (Aleh Rahma).

Resting & reading room of Hazrat Sayyad Shahid Hasni Noori Sahab

Hazrat Khwaja Muinddin Chishti (Rahmtullah Aleh) once quoted these three attributes regarding the true awliyas (friends of Allah): “To listen the plight of oppressed, help needy & fill the hungry stomach”. Sayyad Shahid Hasni Noori (Aleh Rahma) reflected all three attributes in his personality.

He was also blessed with permission of spiritual succession in other orders of Sufism such a Naqshbandiyaa, & Mujadidia. He started his teaching career from Jamia Furqania, Dept. of Arabic as the head of the teachers in 1979 & then onward during his entire life that span around forty years, he served as the Professor (Sheikh Ul Hadith) of Hadith in Al Jamia Islamia in old Rampur. In 1984, he was married with Sayyada Nasreen Bibi, the daughter of blessed Sufi Hazrat Sayyad Sadiq Ali Shah Bukhari of Tanda, District Bareilly who was at that time hereditary administrator of an old sufi Khanqah of Hazrat Sayyad Bismillah Shah Qadri Jamali (Aleh Rahma). As common with true savants of Allah, the personal life is also an examination by their Almighty Lord. Hazrat lost his wife in year 2002 after the long debilitating disease leaving behind a responsibility of five daughters & five sons. The hardships didn’t end here, three years later on the beloved son also passed away in year 2005. With huge moral, social, religious, academic responsibilities on his shoulders, he was firm in the taking the lead role in the upbringing of his nine kids alone without even thinking for the second marriage.

He formed Idara Tahqiqate Razvia Jamalia, a research unit for Islamic studies & also the forum for the social services in the region. Weather it was solving a family feuds, mishaps in someone family, larger relief work in any natural disaster or a propagation of the true values of Islam, one can find Hazrat in all the spheres of social life. With such hectic engagement, he also contributed a lot in Islamic writings & authorship. From the articles in renowned magazines up to the authorship of various books in Arabic & Urdu language covering diverse topics of Islamic studies, he left great scholarly imprints in contemporary Indian Hanafi School & Matrudi beliefs. From biographies of Fazele Bareilly Maulana Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, Maulana Irshad Ahmad Rampuri, Maulana Salmatullah Rampuri, Hazrat Shah Qutub Uddin Madni (May Allah be please with them) to challenging titles such as “Babri Masjid Tareekh ke Aiyne me”, “the permissibility of Eid Mawlid”, his pen was determined to scribe to truths of time & history. In total he had contributed more than hundred accounts in Urdu & Arabic language. His personality & scholarship both were highly admired & adored by the pious & great contemporary scholars of his time. Hazrat Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan (Alleh Rahma) & Amine Millat Hazrat Professor Sayyad Amin Miyan Qadri reflected both spiritual love & respect of Sayyad Shahid Miyan Noori in their accounts. As the founder, & the senior most teachers, his services for Al Jamiat Ul Islamia Qadim Ganj were incredible. Thousands of the students had attained education from him in last forty years. In addition, he was also working to start the girls section where they could undertook Islamic education along with modern education. He intend to starts the girl’s school was up to grade X & then upgrade it as a degree college. Though he was ailing with chronic diabetes & cardiovascular disease for which a bypass surgery was also done but this doesn’t affect his working. In few words, he was like a one man institution who contributed towards various disciplines of Islamic teachings, running Islamic centers, social work, & hectic travelling both within the country & abroad. During his life time, he performed Hajj three times & Umrah on several occasions. He visited to many European & Middle eastern countries where he delivered talks, sermons & propagate the true beliefs of Islam. Even the day before he passed he attended the ceremonies of “Khatme Bukhari” held at Jamia Razvia, Kamry, Rampur where he blessed the students with his supplications & affiliated all the students in Qadri order of Sufism.

Death is an inevitable truth of life where Holy Quran is saying “” Every soul shall taste death” -(surah 3: verse 185). But for the true savants of Almighty Allah it’s only a transition from one world to other. As Hazrat Mawlana Jalauddun Rumi wrote these couplets:  
When you see my corpse is being carried, don’t cry for my leaving, I am not leaving, I am arriving at eternal love, when you leave me in the grave, don’t say goodbye
remember a grave is only a curtain for the paradise behind

The couplets of 13th century Sufi seems contextual for 21st century true faqeer & wali who passed away quietly from this world to meet his eternal love in the next world. How the hundreds of the weeping hearts consoled themselves by the separation of their master. One such close associate, Muhammad Salman Raza Faridi Siddiqui Misbahi wrote a heart wrenching poetry on departing of Hazrat Sayyad Shahid Shah Hasni Noori (Aleh Rehma). Few couplets are here: Lafz Lafz Aanson Hain, harf harf nam; apnaKis tarah sunayen ham ranj o Gham apna; Aah Sayyadi Shahid Duniya se Hue Rukhsat; Hai judai se soona rooh ka haram apna ; Maut ek Alaam ki maut hai zamane ki ; Kar rahi hai duniya aaj gham raqam apna

On Sunday, dated 31 March, 2019 his burial prayer was held at the ground of the historic Rampur fort. Thousands of the followers all across the India & other countries attended his last prayers. His son Maulana Sayyad Faizan Jamali Noori led the last prayers. Allama Mufti Hazrat Asjad Raza Khan, Hazrat Ahsan Raza Khan, Maulana Tasleem Raza Khan & many other notable Islamic scholars from his fraternity attended his prayers. Ex Cabinet Mr. Azam Khan, MLA Abdullah Azam, & many other people from different walks of life attended to pay homage to their Qazi, Mufti & beloved scholar. Close to Ajaypur graveyard he was buried at 12.15 pm in close proximity of famous Sufi of Rampur, Hazrat Shah Wilayat (Aleh Rahma). A condolence gathering was held under the guidance of Allama Hazrat Asjad Raza Khan & other scholars at Dargahe Ala Hazrat, Bareilly, which was center of his spiritual & scholarly affiliations during his entire life.

The obituaries also came from the scholars outside his fraternity. The Vice president of Muslim personal law board, Dr. Qalbe Sadiq offered his condolence by a letter with following words: “We had lost a great scholar & guide of Rampur who was true follower of the Prophet in the terms of piety & pious behavior”.

He is survived by the four sons & five daughters. The responsibilities of his missionary work came up on the shoulders of his eldest son, Maulana Sayyad Faizan Miyan Noori who is twenty eight years old. Received guidance & education from his blessed father, he is presently undertaking advanced courses Arabic & Islamic studies at Al Azhar University, Cario. May Allah elevates the levels of Sayyadi Shahid Miyan Hasni Noori.

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