A general perception has been created that that Mughals did not establish educational institutions. Just before 1857 there were one thousand Madrasas in Delhi only, were education was free. All destroyed after the revolt. Here are few miniatures that reflects the moments of learning or we could say the learning environment was captured by artist.

This miniature from 1595 shows a Madrasa. One can notice fine details & environment of learning has been depicted by the artist.
Open books, academic discussions and tolerating others point of view is what resulted in leading the world from eight to sixteenth centuries. This is another painting that depicted an open book discussion among the group of learned scholars.
This miniature c 1760, shows a teacher sitting on a high stool with a document. Teacher has always drawn a respect in Mughal culture, on and of the class. Source: from Bibliotheque National de France, Paris.
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Dr. Mirza Hasan Beg is Scotland based Otorhinolaryngologist who is always passionate to contribute in literary sphere of History & Culture. He had edited & compiled five accounts of Mughal history. He published innumerable number of articles in filed of history, culture & Urdu poetry. From Central Asia to India, he traveled & traced the footsteps of Babar, the first Mughal ruler of India.


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