Nawabs of Pahasu

Among five sons of Murad Ali Khan Nawab Muhammad Faiz Ali Khan was more prominent in the political & educational spheres. He was born on 26th August 1821 & completed his education that makes him proficient in Arabic & Persian languages.

Libraries during Mughal Era

The magnificent building “khan-e-tilism” was built by him in Agra. In one of three main buildings, “Khan-e-Saadat” had a library in its upper part. The library was equipped with Ja namaz (prayer rug), Qalamdaan (pen case), books, Juzdaan (portfolio), and specimens of beautiful calligraphies.

Eid Mawlid Nabwi in visual archives

From the court of the Ottomans to Mughals, once can find the celebration of Prophet Birthday all across the Islamic world. In year 1588, the Ottomans officially declared this day as Mevlid Kandil.


Built in 1835, the Christ Church at Naqvi Park, Aligarh is among the oldest churches of North India. Bishop Daniel Wilson, an Englishman, commissioned its construction as one of the 20 churches he established during 1825-1845, one amongst them was St. George’s Church at Agra.

Khawaja Fariduddin Nawab Dabir Ud Daula

Khwaja Fariduddin was one of the most distinguished among his brothers who attained knowledge of oriental sciences from famous Tafazzul Hussain Khan from Lucknow during reign of Asaf Ud Daula. He was also send as an envoy to Tehran by Governor General.

Imam al-Hādi ila al-Haqq

Born in tenth century Medina to a scholarly family who trace their lineage to Prophet Muhammad, Imam al-Hādi ila al-Haqq Yahya bin al-Husayn served as the first Imam of Yemen. He sought to revive the teachings and practices of his noble ancestors and authored numerous works on theology, jurisprudence and other subjects.

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