Afghans & Dehraduni Basmati

The Basmati rice was brought here by former Afghan ruler Dost Mohammad Khan who was kept in exile at Barlowganj near Mussoorie.

A heritage weir on River Kosi at Rampur

This weir was also photographed in 1905 along with the major building raised during Nawab Hamid Ali Khan reign under the supervision of W.C. Wright for the album presented to Lord Curzon. A dam was build at the Kosi on this point to divert the flow of water for the irrigation purpose.

Shah Bheek/Bhikari of Kakori

A biographical account of 15th century Sufi saint whose couplets were included in Adi Granth

Bedil – A poet , A Sufi , A Philosopher !

One of the greatest Persian poets of all times, Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil was born in 1644 in Akbarnagar, (east of Bhagalpur) while most of the earlier scholars have stated Azimabad to be his birth place but a recent research suggests that he was born in Akbar Nagar (Raj Mahal) at the Bengal-Bihar Border where his father resided as his mother was a Bengali.

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The Rebel Queen: Begum Hazrat Mahal

The Rebel Queen: Begum Hazrat Mahal

Hazrat Mahal turned the enemy away with display of extreme bravery. She has proved to be such a courageous woman and truly kept the honor of your name. For how brave and valiant he himself must be, whose woman has the capability to fight with equal ferocity as any man.”

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And to no surprise of his, he started the first bakery that produced the classic Matri in the afterglow of Delhi Durbar of 1911. Latif Khan took Rehmat Baig as his student of the craftsmanship of which he had become a maestro.

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