Awadh: Tale of Fledgling Nawabs & The Wayward King

Wajid Ali Shah also started publication of a newspaper by the name of “Aseer” (Prisoner) under the editorship of Munshi Muzaffar Ali, bringing open discussions about the matter of the State in open.

Annexation Saga of Awadh

Governor General, in a public gathering, with the endorsement from all palaces and Custodian of the City, disanointed Wazir Ali Khan from throne. It didn’t end here. Wazir Ali Khan was also exiled from the country and put under house arrest at Banaras Dargakand.


Perron was met with surprise because there was nothing back home in France that was called ‘French Toast’, but he thoroughly relished the offering from his kitchen.


And to no surprise of his, he started the first bakery that produced the classic Matri in the afterglow of Delhi Durbar of 1911. Latif Khan took Rehmat Baig as his student of the craftsmanship of which he had become a maestro.

Zalabia to Jalebi: A journey of South Asian Dessert

The 10th century culinary treatise of Abbasid era, Kitab al-Tabikh where more than ninety recipes of sweets has been cited has also mentioned these fritters as Zulaabiyyah.

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The Retreat of Lucknow

The Retreat of Lucknow

During the battle at the Begum’s mansion around 500 rebel fighters were martyred. Sir Colin (Commander-in-Chief) did anticipate a grueling fight at Qaiser Bagh but the local sub commanders were afraid of Urban warfare as there was house to house.

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The Last Stand by Awadh

The Last Stand by Awadh

The first combined Nepalese and British attack was on “Alam Bagh”. There was an intense fight at Hazrat Mahal’s mansion around which hundreds of Rebel’s bodies were seen scattered. However just before the imminent takeover of “Chulakhi”, Khan Ali Khan reached with one thousand of his soldiers.

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Shams ud-Din Iltutmish

Shams ud-Din Iltutmish

As per Tabaqat-i-Nasiri, he made Delhi the capital of his kingdom and invested in numerous waterworks, mosques and learning institutions. His patronage of scholars and artists made Delhi an important cultural center.

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