A Yemenite religious scholar, former Mufti of Yemen & Hijaz, Imam of the Zaydiyya community of the last century, [1914 – 2007].

His lineage from his father
Abu-l Husnayn Majduddin bin Muhammad bin Mansur bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Yahya bin al-Hasan bin Yahya bin Abdullah bin Ali bin Salah bin Ali bin al-Husayn bin al-Imam Izzuddin bin al-Hasan bin al-Imam Ali bin al-Muiyyad bin Jibril bin al-Muiyyad bin Ahmad bin al-Amir Shamsuddin Yahya bin Ahmad bin Yahya bin al-Nasir bin al-Hasan bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin al-Mukhtar al-Qasim bin al-Imam al-Nasir Ahmad bin al-Imam al-Hadi Yahya bin al-Husayn bin al-Imam al-Qasim bin Ibrahim bin Ismail bin Ibrahim bin al-Hasan al-Muthanna bin al-Hasan bin Amir-ul Mu’minin Ali ibn Abi Talib (ع)

His lineage from his mother
His mother is the daughter of al-Imam Abu-l Qasim Muhammad bin al-Qasim bin Muhammad bin Ismail bin al-Hasan bin Muhammad bin Ismail bin al-Hasan bin Muhammad bin al-Husayn bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Ali bin al-Husayn bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Yahya bin Hamza bin Ali bin Ibrahim bin Yusuf bin Ali bin Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Idris bin Ja’far al-Zakki bin Ali al-Naqi bin Muhammad al-Jawad bin Ali al-Rida bin Musa al-Kadhim bin Ja’far al-Sadiq bin Muhammad al-Baqir bin Ali bin al-Husayn al-Sibt bin Ali bin Abi Talib

Early Life: He was born on 26 of Sha’ban in the year 1332 A.H (1914 A.D) in Radma which is located near the Mountain Bar’t. He later on migrated to Dahiyan, Sa’ada. During the reign of Ahmad ibn Yahya Hamiduddin, he participated in politics and worked for the betterment of the people. However, later on he wholly devolved himself towards teaching the sacred knowledge.

Imam Majduddin in his youth

Scholarly life: He began his studies under his father Sayyid Muhammad bin Mansur and studied various sciences including Arabic Grammar (Nahw) and Morphology (Sarf), Logic (Mantiq), Tafsir, Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), laws of inheritance (faraid), History, Biographical evaluation (ilm-ul rijal). He also studied from Sayyid al-Hasan bin al-Husayn bin Muhammad al-Houthi. He studied the works of the Imams of Ahl-ul Bayt and other scholars from him including Sayyid al-Hasan’s monumental work Takhrij ala-l Shafi. The works he studied include the writings of Imam Zayd, Imam Qasim al-Rassi, Imam Ahmad ibn Isa, Imam Hadi ila-l Haqq, Imam Abu Talib, Imam Mansurbillah, Imam Nasir al-Utrush, Hakim al-Jishumi etc. Imam Majduddin Muiyyadi described the works he studied and obtained ijazah from different scholars.

Asceticism and God Consciousness: He never engaged himself in vain activities. He always engaged himself spreading knowledge and worshipping Allah. He was one of the renowned ascetics of his time.

Notable Students

• Ibrahim bin Ali al-Shahari
• al-Qadi Ali bin Ismail al-Hush’hush
• Badruddin bin Amiruddin al-Houthi
• Abdul Karim bin Amiruddin al-Houthi
• Hamiduddib bin Amiruddin al-Houthi
• al-Qadi al-Husayn bin Ali Habis
• al-Husayn bin Yahya bin al-Husayn al-Houthi
• Ali bin Abdul Karim al-Fudayl
• Qasim bin Salah Amir
• Abdur Eahman bin Salah Amir
• Hasan bin Muhammad al-Faishy
• Salah bin Ahmad Falitah
• Abdul Azeem bin al-Hasan al-Houthi
• Muhammad bin Abdul Azeem al-Houthi

His famous oath: “I swear by God, the Most High and Great, a swear whose truthfulness the Omniscient knows, that we have no desire or agenda other than finding what God has ruled upon matters, and staying on His path. And if we find that the Truth is in the polar opposite side of us, whether it comes from an Arab or a Non-Arab, a Qureshi or Axumite, we shall accept it and receive it well from the person. There is no reason to stray away from him, rather we would follow him and be his supporters. O, let every debater say as he wills as long as he knows God is watching him. And as long as he only fears his sin. Indeed, the rule is God’s rule, and the date is the Day of Judgement, and to God all things return.”

Death: He passed away from this mortal world on the evening of Tuesday on the sixth of Ramadan in the year 1428 A.H (2007 A.D). His funeral was attended by a multitude of people. His grave is located in Dahiyan, Sa’ada.

Tomb of Imam Majduddin at Dahiyan, Sa’ada, Yemen

His writings

  1. al-Jami’a al-Muhimma li-Asanid Kutub al-A’ima
  2. al-Hujaj al-Munira ala-l Usul al-Khatira
  3. Uyyun al-Mukhtar min funun al-Ash’ar wa-l A’athar
  4. Kitab al-Hajj wa-l Umra
  5. Kitab al-Tuhaf Sharh al-Zulf
  6. Idah al-Dalal fi Tahqiq Ahkam al-Adala
  7. Lawami al-Anwa’r fi Jawa’mi al-Uluum wa-l A’athar wa Tarajim U’lu-l Ilm wa-l Intizar
  8. al-Balagh al-Nahi fi Tahrim A’alat al-Ghina wa-l Malahi
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