Mawlud Nabwi Al Sharif is the blessed birth of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). It is widely celebrated all across the Islamic countries except few countries following neo-puritan Ideologies. There is unanimous consensus among all Sunni & Shia scholars regarding month of Rabiul awwal & day of Monday but the dates varies with 12th, 09th and 17th among Sunnis & Shias. The year according to Gregorian calendar corresponds to 570 CE.
This form of ceremonial celebration started by Sultan Muzaffar ad-Din Gökböri of Erbil in 12th Century. He undertook permission with a panel of Scholars to celebrate it publically. By the next few centuries, the tradition spread all across Islamic world. Here are few paintings & photographs depicting a visual understanding of Mawlid Celebrations. From the court of the Ottomans to Mughals, once can find the celebration of Prophet Birthday all across the Islamic world. In year 1588, the Ottomans officially declared this day as Mevlid Kandil. The word Mevlid means Birth & Kandil is the source of light like a close lamp or candle.

A painting from court of Mughal Emperor ShahJahan reign showing a group of scholars in Diwane Aam Agra supplicating in Night of Rabiulawwal with diverse culinary items present for Isale Sawab.
The caption gave details like this
A night celebration of the Prophet’s birthday. Agra, Divan-i ʿAmm, September 16, 1633. Attributed to Bulaqi, ca. 1635” detached from the St. Petersburg Album, right half of double-page, Washington
A congregational gathering of Eid Milad Nabwi, Sultan Ahmad Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey, C early 19th century attributed to the reign of Sultan Mahmud II Sultanate. Pic Source: Social Media shares
A gaurd of honor by flags & battalions standing in Mawlid Nabi procession dates 15 October, 1891
Source: From Ottoman Imperial Archives
Mawlid Celebration from Cairo C 1880 by Gabriel Lekegian
Pic Source: Wiki Images
Mawlid Nabwi procession from Cario, Egypt 1904
A historical photo of Hui Muslims celebrated the birthday anniversary of Prophet Mohammad, Eid Milad Un Nabi, in China, c 1908
Mawlid procession from streets of an Indonesian town dated late 19th Century
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